Climate Agreement for Schools

Environment Online - ENO will celebrate the 25th anniversary in 2025. Schools will a global campaign to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Schools around the world gathered between May 29 - June 3 in Finland to agree jointly organised climate actions based on tree planting. To celebrate the quarter century of the ENO Programme, pupils from over 10,000 schools in 150 countries will agree on the goals of reducing carbon dioxide as follows:

  1.  With this movement, pupils raise up the fact that, with mankind's action, forest area and its capacity to work for capturing carbon dioxide has been reduced. Tree planting is needed to improve the carbon dioxide balance between the trees and atmosphere.

  2. Pupils raise up the fact that, for planting trees, we don't need complicated technology nor a big amount of money. Instead, we need sun, water, and a seed or seedling, but also a person that ensures the tree growth and their constant care.


When working together, a huge amount of trees can be planted, just like the recent ENO campaign of 100 million trees!

There are two ways to join the agreement, but it is possible to take both roles:

A) Tree Planting Schools (TPS)

  • Schools will plant at least 0.5 hectares (5,000 squared meters) of trees each year, between 2019-2025. They will be planted in areas where forests haven't been cut in at least 10 years. In this way, a new carbon sink will be ensured.

  • Schools will agree with private or public land owners the suitable land areas for these climate actions. They will also determine the delivery of the suitable reforestation material for free with suppliers of seeds and seedlings. Names of partners will be published in the international media.

  • Schools will agree with the partners about adopting trees and can use this support also partly to improve their school activities. Tree Planting Schools will also partner with Tree Adopting Schools (see below).

  • Schools will report the annual growth of trees to ENO Programme. ENO will publish the annual summaries based on the data.

B) Tree Adopting Schools (TAS) - Initiative by ENO Slovenia

There are schools that aren't able to plant, but still want to take part. Their job is to motivate children, teachers, parents, and the local community.


  • Students will earn "trees" with their work or help. The payment for this will be "a tree" (1 € = 1 tree). For instance, helping the elderly, go shopping for them, cleaning cars, cleaning the garage, working in the garden, among many others.

  • At schools, students together earn enough of these "trees" every year to complete the 0.5 hectares (the average of 800 trees).

  • Tree adopting schools will find a partner from tree planting schools or vice versa with the help of ENO. Schools connect directly. The adopting school sends money to the planting school and informs ENO at the same time. The planting school plants the trees and sends photos to the adopting school and ENO. This feedback is very important.

Already 370 schools from 50 countries have joined this agreement!