About Us



ECO-nnect is run by the members and assistants who were chosen students during the World Summit of Students for Climate conference. The collaboration  of WSSC and ENO formed ECO-nnect; a global website with global commitments of climate action, starting with the youth.




What is the 'World Summit of Students for Climate'?


In 2019, ENO organised the WSSC conference (held from 29 May - 5 June) involving 135 students and 100 teachers from over 70 countries. The passionate participants first gathered in Joensuu, Finland and for the latter part of the conference in Helsinki. The World Summit of Students for Climate allowed for the world's environmentally driven and like-minded youth to formulate economically reasonable, obtainable and effective solutions to anthropogenic climate change. Specifically, a solution with the focus of afforestation. 


What is 'ENO'?

Environment Online (also known as ENO) is a voluntary network established in Finland, 2000. It is a global school and community network determined to lead a sustainable future with environmental development. 


Who are the Members and Assistants?

There are six student members who represent the six continents that attended the conference. The student assistants were selected to save the future. To make this world a better place for us and other generations. They were selected to implement and discover solutions for the betterment of our future.

Join us and become an earth warrior. Connect, now!